Who We  Are

  • We are a group of Engineers, Research Analysts, Product managers and Customer support professionals.
  • We are a Boston based startup with headquarter in Burlington, MA. Our other development office is in InCube, Aundh, Pune, India and our data research office is in Palavakkam, Chennai, India.
  • We come from variety of background and worked at various software companies such as Oracle, PTC, Continuum, Siemens, IMC etc.

Our Story

Celebratix started few years back when one of us was trying to arrange a birthday celebration and looking for a venue suitable for his 9 years old son, trying to find a best cake shop around, and pondering his options about which combination of catered food can fit the audience of kids, adults and gluten-free food. Google was the only option and it didn’t yield any great results.

He also wanted to track and coordinate all the activities as it was a mini-project where different aspect of the plan needs to be managed. And Google spreadsheet was the only option for that. He discussed the idea with few of us and we started to do research address the issue and we found nothing.

And the idea of Celebratix was born.   

In past few years, we researched, we gathered data, we coded a lot, created tons of bugs and defects, then coded again, we made mistakes, we learnt, we fell, we got up.  We evolved.

Celebratix is now our dream, our passion. And most importantly, our commitment.

Our Yin

We are here to make our fellow citizen and public easily find the best party vendors locally and manage their party planning in the smoothest way. And a portion of their business with the local vendors, is paid to charity of their choice, we call it "Celebrate, with a joy of Giving". 

Our Core

The core of our culture is Ethics, Honesty and Integrity combined with highest level of courtesy, professionalism and customer satisfaction. We live our core culture with all people whether they are our partner vendors or the fellow citizen who use our system.

Our Yang

We are here to make the local businesses who provide services to people's celebration one way or another, manage their entire business through Celebratix  platform with the cheapest way and only pay when they do business with customers  and  get real value using the platform.

Our Vibe

Passion and dream drive us. We are creating a new kind of company, a new platform to cater to all celebration aspects and vendors. The guiding lights are Our commitment, Our innovation and imagination. To change the landscape of arranging Moments of Joy. And we are proud of it.

Our Address:

2nd Floor, 1500 District Avenue, Burlington, MA, 01803

Our Offices in India 

Remote Development Office – Aundh, Pune.

Data Research and Analysis Office – Palavakkam ECR, Chennai 

Moments of Joy

•  Planned  • Arranged  •  Relished •  Cherished

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