Celebratix is a  two-sided local celebration marketplace with large amount of data where we operate.

This is the first and only place where anybody can find, compare and book any venue to celebrate his/her party, choose and order cake, food, entertainment and rentals for the party. We take a holistic and comprehensive view of a celebration as a mini-project and provide data for all aspects of it.

For Business Owner, on the other hand, we are a source of marketing your business. But that’s just one very tiny part of it. More importantly we are primarily a cloud based operational solution to manage all your business aspects, including accept/respond requests/quote/bookings/orders, manage prospects and customers, organize and describe products , operational calendars and finally expand marketing and sales using various dashboard and reports with local big data of trends and transactions.

Currently we operate in MA, CA and NY and gradually expanding in other states in US.

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Moments of Joy

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