Tent. Open-Air. A roof for celebration.
Jump. Stomp. Funwalk. Moonwalk.
Tables. Decoration. Guests. Admiration.
A jolly good time. The popping sound of celebration.

Celebratix is a software platform for arranging and managing all the aspects of people’s event.

In plain English, it’s a One-Stop shop for finding and booking the place, cake, food, rental, entertainment etc on behalf of the consumer.It’s a personal event coordinator which also let everybody manage the guests, tasks, track a quote/booking/order and communicate with you.

But, most importantly, Celebratix is also an Enterprise platform for you, the Rental business owner, to manage all aspects of your business, whether it is providing a tent rental or inflatables/moonwalk or chairs/tables, food concession machine or photo booth, at a very low cost.

Booking is the bottom line of your business. We get that.

That's why we built a multi-side platform to grow your sales.

Get more booking

Offer better customer experience

Automate Business Operations

Save time

Reduce Operating Cost

Celebratix's rental management system is great for :

A/V Equipment
Water Slide
Stage-Dance Floor
Food Concession
Casino Table
Sports Item
Many more Rental Items...

Basic Features

Manage Business Information

  • Rental business basic information
  • Hours
  • Media
  • Payment
  • Partners
  • Awards
  • Customers
  • Documents
  • FAQs
  • View Reviews across Social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Manage Product Information

  • Rental Item Categories
  • Rental Items
  • Rental Item Variation
  • Rental Packages
  • Rentals For specific occasion and celebration
  • Add-Ons
  • Discounts
  • Coupons

Manage Customers, Orders and Requests

  • Customer information, email, phone, contact, Food restrictions etc.
  • Prospects information, email, phone, contact, Food restrictions etc.
  • Event information of the past
  • Invoices
  • Customer History
  • Event information of Prospect and Customer
  • Requests for Booking – Online, Mail and SMS notification
  • Request for Quote – Online, Mail and SMS notification
  • Accept/Reject and Communicate for further information


  • Manage Event Calendar
  • Automatically Synchronize with your Google or Microsoft Calendar.
  • Manage Employees and their Calendar
  • Manage Rental Item occupancy calendar

Dashboard and Reports -Coming Soon !

Manage your Rental business for Celebration/Private Events AND
Serve all the other Regular Services you offer.

We empower you to manage all aspects of your business and serve your customer the best.

  • Sign up.

    Sign up here to boost your rental business with more customers and revenue. 

  • Login.

    Login here to manage your business. 

  • Manage Calendar.

    Keep your calendar up-to-date.so that user has access to latest data

  • Accept payment.

    Set up a Stripe account to ensure a smooth payment experience for both consumer payment and your payout.

  • Free Concierge

    Our Support team to help and hold your hands for data and usage of the system till you are comfortable to manage on your own, irrespective of whatever time it takes.

    We invest in you as you invest on us.


Our founding principle is that you should not pay anything unless you earn something through us.
$ 0
  • 7% of customer booking value
  • 3.0% credit card processing fee
  • No other hidden cost of any kind
  • Oh, we forgot to mention, for your 1st 2 customers you pay nothing, just the credit card processing fee.

Moments of Joy

•  Planned  • Arranged  •  Relished •  Cherished

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